Smolov Squat Routine FAQ

  1. What is the Smolov Squat routine?

    See these articles/sites (which cover a lot of FAQs too):
  2. How much rest between sets while on the Smolov?

    Take as much as you need! If you're in good shape figure about 5 minutes on average. The point is the lifting, not the rest between sets. If it takes you 2 hours to get 10x3 so be it...
  3. Can I include DLs while following the Smolov Squat routine?

    NO! After a full run through the whole routine AS WRITTEN you might experiment with using DLs as part of the warm-up procedure or other means of including lighter DLs.
  4. Can I do upper body lifting during the full Smolov Squat routine?

    Of course. Depending on your level of conditioning you may not need to reduce volume or intensity for upper body lifts. Some things may need significant adjustment or replacement with alternate exercises (e.g., bent rows may not be the best idea due to the high involvement of the low back).
  5. When do I do my upper body lifting during the Smolov?

    Whenever you can fit it in or prefer to do it. I like to do it in workouts separate from the squat workouts (bench in the morning, squat in the evening).
  6. What is the Smolov Jr?

    The Smolov Jr is a 3 week routine/rep scheme (although many have stretched it out to 4 or even 6 weeks). It's less difficult than the similar base cycle of the full Smolov and is better suited to more lifts (e.g., it works well for bench). The routine is as follows:
  7. Where can I discuss the Smolov routine?